We're here for you, call 888-468-2620

Please call 1-888-468-2620 for assistance in joining a virtual Zoom meeting.

You will be asked to leave a message and an experienced member will return your call. This member will answer your questions and give you information about meeting times.

Taking that first step for help can be difficult, and scary, but most first time members leave with a new feeling of hope. New members meet together in a small group at their first meeting. An experienced member explains the program structure and gives you a chance to talk a bit about your situation and ask questions. You will have an opportunity to watch other members in small groups and get an idea of how the meetings work. At the end of the meeting you will meet a member who will call you during the week to check in with you and answer any lingering questions.



  Thursdays 6:30 PM*  Pacific Time  
  Tuesdays 7:00 PM*  Pacific Time  
  Wednesdays 7:00 PM*  Pacific Time  
  Saturdays 10:00 AM*  Pacific Time  

*Meeting times run about 90 minutes

Changes meetings are for parents, please find a private place away from your teen/young adult