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Suggestion Form

The Changes literature in the member section of this website (Meeting Scripts, forms, handouts) has the basic purpose of helping us to apply Changes principles in our families through our structured meetings and mutual support. The heart of our program is our Guiding Principles and Program Beliefs. All of our materials should help us understand and work the program they embody and teach other parents what we have learned. If you see a way to make any of this literature better, please help by writing down your suggestion on this form.


  • Please be specific. Describe what you think needs improvement and how you think it could be made better.
  • If more than one member is responsible for the suggestion, please include both members’ information.
  • Give your Suggestion to your Program Rep. The Program Reps as a group will consider your suggestion and
    forward it along with their ideas to the Program Committee. If in addition you’d like to send it directly to the
    Program Committee, use the address at the top of the page. Mark it “Attn: Program Committee.”