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A Holiday Message from our Board President

The Holiday season is always such a good time to reflect on our blessings. I am so deeply thankful for Changes. I was a wreck when my husband and I finally learned about this organization. I soaked up the basics, formed a team, and we eventually got on the same page. We gradually regained our sanity, even though our son still has his moments.
Over time, I came to realize that the only reason that Changes existed when we needed it was because there were Changes members who walked this path before us and gave back to the community. This is why I chose to serve on the Changes Board of Directors, first as a member and now as Board President. It’s also why we make a monetary donation each year.
Our end-of-year fundraising campaign officially kicks off on Giving Tuesday (November 29). We are targeting $4,350 as our campaign fundraising goal. While we weathered the pandemic much better than many non-profits, we are facing a deficit to budget for the first time in many years due to not meeting our fundraising goals. On the expense side, we have only one part-time paid administrator, so we keep our operating costs extremely low. In terms of discretionary expenses, we have updated our branding, built a new website that we will unveil shortly, printed new promotional materials, and expanded our outreach efforts through paid participation at continuing education events for mental health and addiction science professionals.
I know that there are many worthy demands for your attention and generosity, particularly at this time of year. I also recognize that the economy has not been friendly to many of us. If you haven’t already donated to Changes earlier this year, please consider doing so now – in any amount – by following this link on our website.


There are undoubtedly parents that will experience a miserable holiday season this year due to their acting-out child, and they will be knocking on our door shortly. We’ll be here to welcome and support them.
2023 will mark our 27th year of existence. The Changes Board of Directors and I commit to shepherding this unique organization of ours so that we are ready to help struggling parents for another 27 years. We owe it to those earlier Changes members who ensured Changes was available to each of us by giving back more than they took.

     – Changes Board President

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